Who are we? Why do we fit with your agency? It can all be explained in one sentence: we were born from a creative agency and “developed” into a tech company. We perfectly understand how the business of agencies works and what hardships you encounter.

How did our tool originate and what can you do with it?

We have experience with online publications since 2008. During that time the smartphones and tablets became more important and made it harder to publish online like we did before. We needed a good software platform that met all our requirements. No software was good enough, that’s why we decided to build our own platform platform and Instant Magazine was born. Our main focus shifted to developing software as a tech organisation that offers their platform to creative agencies that want to design awesome online publications.

Create innovative publications without coding

Within no-time the basics for our platform took shape and our team of dedicated developers worked their magic to add tweaks and upgrades to our platform. This makes it possible to make way more advanced, technical and more creative publications than ever. In short: we make sure the technology works. All you need to do is focus on conceptualising, strategy and all other stuff that comes to creating vivid, personalised and good-looking publications that look awesome on all sorts of screen resolutions and devices.