What's in it for you?

Quite a lot actually. You create value by facilitating your clients directly. You offer them a license, you’re able to create content for them and you have all the expertise you’ll need when it comes to the tool.

You can offer our software, with all its applications: white papers, brochures, awesome magazines, all sorts of online publications. In return you will get a direct fee of 25% of all sublicenses and sub-publications you offered your clients. This is a yearly recurring fee!

On top of that you receive all our “partner tips”, these will help you make the most of your Partner License.

Access to partner content (blogs, sales content, etc.)

Our Licensed partners receive access to our exclusive content that offers you the means to make even more of your customer database, but also to generate new leads. This is where you also read all our blogs full of tips on personalisation, unique designs and examples of expiring, qualitative sales brochures etc.

Partner section on our website

As we explained earlier we don’t want to be the designer of magazines for clients anymore. We  reserved some room on our website especially for you: our partner section. This page will contain all of our partners. This is where we will send potential clients with a need for an agency to design their magazine. That way we can both keep doing what we’re good at: we’ll keep enhancing our software and you keep creating inspiring, relevant content for your clients.

Support with creating a good sales brochure

We offer you all the support you need to make a proper sales brochure. We help you bringing across all your agency’s USP’s combined with our software. Making sure you always have a great pitch and a brochure covering all the added value you offer. 

Shared revenue

Fees you will retrieve:

  • Essentials
    £675,- per year
  • Marketing Add-on
    £600 per year
  • Communication Add-on
    £600 per year
  • Security Add-on
    £600 per year

Access to our database with examples

When you’re only just starting as a partner you might not have an extensive portfolio yet. That’s why you get access to our database of magazines so you could instantly show prospects what’s possible and use them as an inspiration.

Partner newsletter

Our tool is constantly being updated and enhanced to add new possibilities. This means it’s important to always be up to date and know the ins and outs of our newest release. This allows you to always fulfil the desires of your clients with their publication requirements. Our partner newsletter also covers other stuff like tips and tricks, blogs and inspirational content.

Support from our Growth Manager

  • Need help landing a potential clients? Do you have the feeling you miss something in your pitch? Do your clients keep having recurring questions or do they have requests to make something with our tool that’s not possible (yet)? No worries, our Agency Growth Manager: James is always available for your questions.

Partner education (Marketing, Sales and Design)

To help you even more there are 2 courses to be taken every year. During these personal courses we will go more in-depth of marketing, sales and design.

The marketing course we offer teaches you how to offer our software even better than you ever did. Think of SEO/SEA tips, content optimization for your website and help with your landing pages.

Our sales course covers our best practices, different cases and persuasion techniques to help you make the most out of your Partner License. When your marketing is all arranged, your sales are doing good it’s time to start delivering…

That’s where our design course comes in. During this course we offer you the basics or more advanced components of our tool. This way you learn how to use our tool and actually make online publications that impress your clients potentials.