We've decided to work remotely, until the 28th of April 2020 (following the advice of the Dutch Government).

But if there is one company in the world that's capable of working remotely, it's FOLEON! We're set up to ensure employees can work from anywhere.

As a team, we can pull this off!

◤ Work From Home Rhythm

Working from home can be challenging! To keep everyone aligned, we've set up a meeting rhythm to stay connected, both on a team level as on a company level:

  • Every Monday: Company meeting
  • Every week: Team meeting
  • Every day: Morning team check-in, team check-out EOD

Staying connected

We have all the tools to collaborate digitally. HubSpot, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, JIRA, Google Drive... Don't forget to reach out to your colleagues by phone as well. We've distributed a list of colleague's phone numbers so you can easily connect when necessary.

Supercharge your productivity

Keeping the whole team performing at peak productivity is a top priority. When working from home this means everyone needs to take Extreme Ownership for staying productive. But you're not alone, here are some tips to supercharge your productivity:

20 productivity tips for working from home (skip tip 5 :-) The Bullet Journal is an effective way to set priorities and get sh*t done.

Home office

As much as you might want to wake up and work directly from the comfort of your own bed, in the long term it’s not going to aid in your productivity. This doesn’t mean you need to go and create an exact office space in your house with office furniture, office chairs, office desks and desk chairs, but just have an area that can be used solely for working purposes so you can differentiate when you are in the working zone.

Enjoy some music

We've created a Foleon Playlist on Spotify. Please follow and feel free to add your favorites!

Stay healthy, stay fit

It's important to keep your resistance and energy levels as high as possible. Make sure you eat healthy, maybe take some additional vitamins and get 8 hours of sleep every day. Also, try to keep active. How about trying out 7-minute workouts?


In times like these, we need each other more than ever. Our core values are really applicable to the new reality. Remember, Foleonies are HUGE!

Happy People

Foleon is more than a company; we’re a diverse collection of individuals with unique personalities, all deserving of respect and recognition. We strive to maintain an environment where you can be yourself, build friendships, and enjoy your work. We believe that customer satisfaction starts with happy employees.

Unstoppable Teams

There are no lone wolves at Foleon. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to collaborate, share expertise, and draw on one another’s strengths. The synergy generated as we put our heads together, listen to one another, and each contribute our best makes our team positively unstoppable.

Growth Mindset

At Foleon, we’re all about pushing boundaries and unlocking potential — both for ourselves and our customers. We see challenges as solutions waiting to be uncovered and obstacles as opportunities to learn. Part of the Foleon adventure is the ongoing opportunity we each have to grow both personally and professionally.

Extreme Ownership

At Foleon, we’re all about recognizing opportunities, taking ownership, and being proactive — even when that means transcending boundaries and job roles. It’s this freedom of initiative and intrinsic motivation that drives the continuous improvement of our platform and facilitates the success of our customers.

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