A lot of questions arise during times like this. We've included the most frequently asked questions to this page. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out!

What do I do when I get sick?

The procedure for reporting in sick remains the same. Call your manager before 9 AM and send an email to HR.

Can I still go to the office?

The policy is that we don't work at the office until the 6th of April and this might be extended based on governmental advice. However, the office is still accessible, so feel free to pick up your 2nd monitor, laptop charger or anything else you may need.

I booked a holiday, can I still go?

You are entitled to go on a holiday, especially when your request is already approved. But make sure the region you are going to is a 'safe zone'. Check the travel advice website of the Dutch Government.

Take into consideration that countries cancel flights. And you might get stuck in the country your holidaying in. Please take your laptop!

Does the Corona Crisis jeopardize the availability of our platform?

Fortunately, we are a cloud-based platform. Our data centers are spread out and we run back-ups every day.

We still offer the same level of support via the Help Center, Academy, and our webinars. Our support team is spread out through Amsterdam and New York. We also have a core team with multiple redundancies to ensure all smooth operation of our platform.

We don't expect any interruptions in the availability of our platform.

Any other questions?