And why is it an opportunity for your agency?

The major part of our clients consists of full-service agencies. They have a wide variety of professionals that are responsible for making online publications for their clients. They do it all, from concept to content, from distribution to analysis . But some of their clients want to have some more insights in the publications or work together on the creation of content published.

Is that a threat or an opportunity? Well, if it’s up to us it’s a great opportunity. As an agency you’re indispensable when it comes to creating and designing content. You’re the expert in conceptualising, deciding a good publication frequency and of course the creation of content including copywriting and design.

You, as an expert, can combine your expertise with our software. That’s why we devised a Partner License.

Your clients have access to our platform making them able to make their own publications or adjustments in publications you make . This makes possibilities for your organisation, and all of its clients, endless. Now you can offer your service to clients that want you to make it all.

But also to clients that only want to use your service for specific parts of publishing online content. Think of conceptualising, photography, copywriting and distribution. There’s also a group of potentials that just want to use your services for final checks and a finishing touch. So if you’d ask us, we definitely see a lot of opportunities for your organisation.