Packing instruction


Clean up






Office supplies

“Discard everything that does not spark joy”
- Marie Kondo

Clean up

This is your opportunity for a fresh start

Only pack what you will use at the new office.

Please, throw all the other stuff away.

There will be containers on the floor so it's easy to throw things away.


The most important one!

Ask someone from the Moving Squad to get your purple labels.

The labeled items will be placed in your department's area according to the floorplan.

Note: Stuff that is not labeled won't be moved.

Where to label

  • Desk: On the top
  • Chair: On top of the armrest
  • Screen: On the back
  • On the moving box: On one of the sides in the upper left corner, so when everyting is piled up you can still see the label

Please write down:

  • Your departement
  • Your name

Have your moving box ready by Thursday September 26, at 12:00 pm

  • Pick up your moving box at the 4th floor next to the printer
  • Fill up to max. 20 kg
  • Collect the packed boxes per department at one spot (mind fire hose or escape route)
  • Pile up the moving boxes on the floor: don't collect boxes on top of the furniture
  • Take valuables with you!!

Note: when your colleague is sick or on holiday, make sure their stuff is packed, please.



Unplug your screen at the end of Thursday 26 and make sure that all sockets are unplugged and wrapped around the monitor.

The screens are transported in special boxes on the moving day.

General stuff

Some things need to be packed in the same box. Therefore, please collect the following items at the wooden cabinets next to the printer (next to CS):

  • Power strips
  • Trash bins
  • Desk plants

Do a last check when you leave the office at B for the last time.

The only 3 things left on your workspace should be your desk, monitor and chair, all labeled.