Success Metrics

Goal setting is highly important for success with Foleon. It would be very helpful if you could share what you intend to achieve with Foleon so that I can help you track the associated milestones.

We’ve assembled 2019 State of Digital Publishing Report for the main use cases customers use Foleon which should be immensely helpful for setting your goals. Also, I have included some examples for the type of Key Performance Indicators I've helped other teams meet:

Benchmark Statistics across Digital Publications categories


The standard deviation of the number of pages


The median number of pages an online magazine has


Pages / Session


The average number of pages


Average Session Duration


The average bounce rate

Marketing / Communications goals

  • Increase # of subscribers (for news updates/blogs, etc.) via digital publications.
  • Increase # of likes/followers on a social network (e.g. Facebook/LinkedIn).
  • Increase # of readers/visitors via shares (always make sure to add social icons in your navigation bar and underneath interesting articles).

Internal Communications goals

Set number of form submissions in a publication (for example, to collect internal feedback).

Sales goals

  • # of proposals requested via your digital publications.
  • # of information requests via your digital publications.
  • # of sales of product/service from your digital publications.