1.6 Tone of voice

Foleon's tone of voice is active, trustworthy, informal, and helpful. It inspires readers to take action while making them feel secure in both our expertise and our intentions towards them (and it makes them laugh once in a while).

Active: Inspiring readers to take action

Write in a lively way that communicates enthusiasm and action. Readers should be motivated to want to do something after they read. They should be excited to try out whatever has been written about.

Trustworthy: Authoritative yet friendly

Write in a way that communicates our expertise, but not in an aloof way. Readers should come away with the impression that we are professionals who are confident in our knowledge but are not cocky.

Informal: Conversational and clever

Write in a way that is conversational (rather than academic), but that is also appropriate for a professional setting. Write as if you are talking to a friend. If you use humor, make it clever and not silly.

Helpful: Educate and never make it a sales pitch

Write in a way that gives readers the impression that we are here simply to help them. They should not feel like we are writing to sell something to them, but that we genuinely have their success in mind.


In addition to these tone of voice guidelines, it's important to take a number of other things into consideration when writing.

  • Be respectful and never condescending
  • Always provide value
  • Don't make things up, and support your claims with sources
  • Don't try to explain something you don't understand yourself.