1.5 Primary Value Drivers

This is not a complete list of USPs, but rather three overarching value drivers from which others are derived.

The smart PDF & print replacement

Foleons are smart web documents. They are a modern way to create business documents, infused with web technology. Unlike PDF or print, they are measurable, modern, and mobile-friendly. With Foleon, you stay in control of distribution, realize SEO benefits, and achieve new levels of security.

The self-sufficiency factor

Foleon allows you to create remarkable sales and marketing collateral on your own. Stop wasting your time waiting for designers to turn your ideas into reality and take the creation of branded assets into your own hands. Save money and achieve stunning results with our easy-to-use platform and suite of professionally-designed templates.

The engagement factor

Foleons are media-rich and visually immersive. Research shows that users spend 47% longer engaging with them than with traditional collateral. With rich animations, stunning imagery, and fullscreen background videos, Foleon allows you to create visual content experiences designed for maximum impact.