1.7 Our tagline

Unlike a slogan — which is more tied to campaigns, products, and features, and which may change over time — a tagline is meant to transcend products, campaigns, and time itself.

External applicability:

It gives customers permission to sidestep modesty. It’s what they want to do, but might not feel allowed to do. We encourage them (and help them) to do it. It appeals to their ego and promises to make them look good. The implication is clear: If you use FOLEON, you’ll have something to show off. It also inspires confidence in us as a brand because we aren't afraid to show off.

Internal applicability

Internally, it encourages us all to shine and share in each others' successes. We can be proud of what we create, what we achieve, and we can show it off to each other and the world.

Where and how to use it

Primarily, we want to use this to encourage our (potential) customers to show off the content they create.

We want to encourage in them the mentality that they should be proud — not shy — when it comes to distributing the content they produce. Thus, it should mostly be used in combination with good-looking content.

It can also be used for fun things like Barry showing off with his yo-yo. However, this should be a secondary use, and should not be overdone. If we do this too much we risk compromising the primary meaning.

We never lead with our tagline. We lead with our value (Foleon replaces your PDFs with something much better). Our tagline simply gets "tagged" onto the end of things. It can be used at the end of videos, at the end of publications, and at the bottom of pages. This lends to its purpose of creating brand recognition.