1.4 Our Core Message

This is the main message we want to drive home across all our channels. It is also the "seed" from which other messages emerge. It can be used in places like our LinkedIn bio.

Foleon replaces your PDFs with web publications that are mobile-friendly, interactive, and measurable.

With our intuitive platform and suite of templates, you can shed your dependence on designers and quickly produce visually immersive content that looks great on any device.

Drive engagement, boost sales, energize your employees, and get the data-driven insights you need to continually optimize your content and grow your ROI.

Foleon is perfect for

  • Corporate brochures
  • Customer magazines
  • Interactive white papers
  • Digital annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Product catalogs
  • Proposals and presentations
  • Staff magazines
  • and much more…