2.4 Layout

Use of whitespace

For an easy-to-read publication, it helps to use a lot of white space in your layout. It creates a nice calm effect. Foleon templates use a minimum padding of 10% of the column width.

But you can easily experiment with even more. This seems like a lot, but experience shows that it's often better to use more white space than too little.


You should also give longer articles white space on the sides of the block. You do this by turning off full width in the block settings. This adds up to 30 or 40% of the page width.

Your pages get longer but there are no real disadvantages because scrolling is a cheap way of navigating.

Content islands

It can help to see white space, just like content, as a functional form. With large white spaces you can easily create clusters of content. Because of the islands that arise, readers can see at a glance which content belongs together.

And because of the peace that arises, your content can be scanned better and your layout becomes easier to read.