1.8 Conventions

Describing our software

  • Online creative platform
  • Cloud-based creative platform
  • Content creation platform
  • On second mentions, you can also use "tool" and "editor"

Describing publications

  • Web publications
  • Web-based content
  • Foleons / a Foleon
  • Or a combination, like "How many Foleon publications can I make?"

Mentioning products

Capitalize each word the first time you refer to one of our products (e.g. Advanced License, Standalone Publication, Block Template) in an article.

Example: We have dozens of new Block Templates for you to choose from. Let us know what you think of the new block templates.

(Notice the second time "block templates" were mentioned, they were not capitalized)

Giving instructions

When giving instructions that mention certain settings, areas in the editor you can go to, or things that you can click on, capitalize and italicize the relevant words.

Example: Open your Publication Settings and scroll down to Analytics Code. To change the domain settings of your Standalone Publication, look for the setting called Hostname.

(Notice "Standalone Publication" is not italicized because it's a product, not an instruction)